Voice to Video

Idea: I was configuring Microsoft , and that's when it occurred to me. We all talk to many people on daily basis, and the talk often includes narration of a scene where two or more people are conversing. The best the narrator can do depends on how well he narrates or rather how effectively he creates the character who are conversing in his narration in his audience. A video aid here would help tremendously. The way I see this working is as follows: The narrator starts talking about a conversation which took place between Alice and Bob. The video aid could create two animated characters on the screen. By catching a few action verbs like walk, slap, hand-shake, move, fall, smile, cry, etc., the characters on the screen could be animated. Now if in the middle of that conversation Charlie walks in, a third animated character could walk into the screen. Leaving a little to imagination, video aid can be used really effectively.

Reward: You can become a very good presenter because now you're able to convey exactly what's going on in your mind. You can literally "speak your mind out"!

Bonus: You can combine text to speech and speech to video, and start making small animated movies just based on a written transcript. I bet "filming" of could easily be done using this technology.


Meenakshi said...

The idea will deprive the listener of using his imagination. More than half the credit for a stopryteller or narrator lies in how well he can conjure up images in the minds of the people he talks to. You can narrate the same event to 100 different people, and each will imagine it in a different way.
Having a video aid is like watching tv. Also watching can distract you from listening and thinking. We already got Television and Internet(You tube) for that. Why add another?

Bhavesh said...

Meenakshi, Your point, while completely valid one, has been contested (and in some cases defeated) by many great scientists and technologists, don't you think?