Multiview Email

Idea: When composing an email to a group of people, often you wish to share different amount/type of information while keeping the central theme/content the same. Ideally, you would like to have a common email sent to everybody and let everybody know about the recipient list, but you might want to add/explain some of the stuff to a subset of people, or read-aloud read-between-the-lines to some of them. What I would like is an email with multiple views. For example, if I am throwing a party, I would like to send an invitation including place and time to everybody, and then attach a personal note for some of the invitees.

Reward: No need to use mail-merge and send out emails individually. Use the bulk mail, that you are used to (especially in usergroups), and customize them at your will.

Bonus: It would be like your email having multiple personalities.


Meenakshi said...

Nice idea!

There can be a flipside.
With so many views open, you will be inclined to write more to each friend separately and the common email would take longer than it should have. Also with so many views, it's easier to swap contents between friends! That might be embarassing! :P

ideakrafters said...

Thanks. I agree with your concern. There are enough cases of mis-communicating even without multiple views, and hence care must be taken. Like proofreading before sending the email. This idea just requires more care, I guess. It can be made sort-of-foolproof by making email composers intelligent, so that while proof reading it highlights what text is going to which person, making error margin smaller.

Sawan said...

Still not sure how it is different from mail merge. You can have certain variables in the mail which will be blank for many people and filled only for few. So only desired people will get those text.

Anonymous said...

Hey Ideakrafters!

post some new ideas!
And btw aren't you guys afraid of your ideas being stolen and implemented?

One thing that I want to know is, are you guys happy with just telling new ideas and have no motivation to actualize them?

Vandana said...

Idea master stopped idealising???

Vandana said...

Idea master stopped idealising???