LetMeSpeed: Speed legally, Avoid accidents

Idea: Road accidents is the number 1 cause of deaths in the United States. Many of them happen due to speeding. Sure, all the cars are designed to go beyond prescribed speed limits, but that shouldn't mean that we have right to exercise that. Frankly, I can think of very few reasons which can justify speeding, emergency medical situation being one of them. What if we could build a table of such emergencies and assign each one a code, and then expect the driver of the vehicle to enter one of these codes to get authorized for speeding for long distance. Sure, you can speed to avoid minor accidents, but that shouldn't take more than a couple of minutes. All cars could be programmed to either ask for speeding authorizations once driven beyond speed limit for a threshold time (say 10 minutes), or not respect accelerator. Now each of the authorized speeding vehicles should be traceable and can be asked to provide proof for the speed request.

Reward: No more speeding related accidents, and if you have to speed for the right reason have a legal way to do it.

Bonus: Catching thieves on the road was never easier. You can deny all speed authorization request for that particular car, and you're all set. Also, if you're able to regulate speed of vehicles remotely, you can do a perfect job at traffic obedience.


Anonymous said...

While this seems like a brilliant idea, more often than not such accidents are not due to absolute speeding but because someone was probably suddenly slowing down or changing lanes without indicating or was just sleepy! This scheme would be welcome for the most part with a slight change of increase in speed limits on certain highways because driving at 55mph across the country would cause accidents due to frustration probably especially for those European car owners :) ! Also one could only hope that no one was being malicious in this entire routine :|

Naveen Kumar said...

Two words: Big Brother.