BrowseLib: A true online library

Idea: All libraries have online portals where you could search for an item you're looking for and it tells you where it has shelved it. In a lot of ways, it's just like an online store. While this facility is good, it doesn't quite offer some of the same advantages that a manual casual browse in the library provides. What I would like from an online library interface is to be able to browse books shelf-by-shelf, to be able to scan covers and first couple of pages, and move on to the next book. I would also like to be able to browse books from similar categories, just like how they're shelved in the library and better since in an online version choices of shelving are endless (and customizable). I would also like to participate in book review sessions and broadcast a story-telling session sitting in my chair at home.

Reward: A true library experience from convenience of your home.

Bonus: I should also be able to virtually pick up a book, go to a table with people from similar reading interests and spark a literary conversation. How about that for a virtual library date?


Jack said...

Critique in Me:

This idea is geared towards making people immobile, and glued on their chairs. We already have enough technologies to separate us from the real world.

Expert in Me:
Well, yes. However, most libraries already have online portals. If you have them, you should do them right! This seem like the right way.

Meenakshi said...

Now jack of all trades has an opinion in all matters?

ideakrafters said...

Where is your comment?